by_witold_henszel-ramblerFace to Face

Kristen works to coordinate Veterans Town Hall events in Vermont. Inspired by author Sebastian Junger, these events aim to establish a greater understanding between local veterans and the community at large. Veterans are invited to share what their service means to them through a story, summary of service, message, letter home, excerpt from a war journal, or even the story behind a photograph. Non-veterans are invited to attend, to listen, and to learn.  (Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in setting up a similar event in your hometown.)

The importance of conversation, and face-to-face communication in general, has been an area of interest for Kristen ever since she visited Ireland, discovered that folks there are not only willing but warm in their conversations with strangers, and contrasted this practice with what she was used to back home.  Her interest in conversation and its influence on personal and cultural health has grown as social media and smartphone usage increases.

Pen to Paper

Kristen’s work has been published by her local alternative weekly, a national trade magazine, and travel and arts commentaries online.  While she has, as of late, been focusing on event coordination, she still occasionally updates Shaken & Steeped, participates in Postcrossing, and is a card-carrying member of the Letter Writers Alliance.

Sample Pieces:

Virtual Goodbyes (Cultural Commentary)

Pennsic’s Medieval Make-Believe (Travel Writing)

History Lessons (Theatre Review)