“I’ve worked with Kristen for several years, starting and growing a national organization, and her skills are almost impossibly comprehensive. She can organize people, design posters, write promotional copy, sort through legal issues and provide a wise and ambitious guiding vision. And she is, above all, a simply lovely person. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am happy to provide further recommendation if desired.”
Sebastian Junger, Founder of Vets Town Hall
Journalist; filmmaker; bestselling author of War, Tribe, and Freedom

“Over the past six years, I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen in various capacities, and observing as she seamlessly brings networks of people and organizations together to build a vibrant community rich and diverse in nature. There is an overwhelming sense of compassion that clearly permeates throughout the events that she works on and it remains an utmost honor to assist in her vision.”
—Jon Turner, Vets Town Hall Emcee

“For the past several years, Kristen has played an integral role in the planning, fundraising, and management of the Vermont Veterans Summit. She is thoughtful, detail oriented, diligent, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Much of the Veterans Summit’s success can be attributed to Kristen’s influence and dedication. I highly recommend her for event planning and project management work.”
—Thom Anderson, Associate Academic Dean for Northern Vermont University