Working with Sebastian Junger to forward this national initiative.

At a Vets Town Hall, veterans are invited to stand before their community and speak about what their service means to them. Non-veterans are encouraged to attend and listen. Originated by author Sebastian Junger, these events aim to establish a greater understanding between local veterans and the community at large.

Throughout 2020, I worked with Sebastian Junger and graphic designer Adrian Kinloch to create, a national directory of events and a resource for organizers. I now serve as a consultant for organizers, maintain the website, and am working with Sebastian and others to help build this initiative.

The first Vets Town Hall of this kind in NYC took place in November 2021. It was hosted by Mark Otto, with an introduction by Sebastian Junger, and was presented by Vets Town Halls in partnership with GORUCK, the United War Veterans Council, and NYC Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza.