My work as a freelance project manager includes facilitating large conferences, local community events, and other endeavors that bring individuals together. I believe deeply in the importance of shared experiences, and I love putting my organizational skills to work to create connections, foster conversation, and enhance the cultural life of my community. Here are some of my favorite parts of this work:

  • Seeking out and developing partnerships with local individuals and organizations
  • Making it easy for speakers/teachers/vendors/sponsors to give us the materials we need, communicating with busy people who have complex lives in ways that are clear and efficient – and still personal and in keeping with the character of an event
  • Managing data – from travel plans to equipment needs to presentation descriptions to budgets – in ways that make life easier for my colleagues and collaborators
  • Streamlining complex organizational challenges to help events and organizations run as smoothly as possible
  • Interacting with remarkable people who have a wide range of life experiences
  • Making sure that care is taken to respect the particular needs of each project
  • Seeing an event go from idea to reality thanks to the hard work and cooperation of many individuals

Please check out the links in the sidebar to find out more about my experience and the ways I work with different events and organizations.

I’m currently looking to add new events/projects to my schedule. Please reach out if you have a conference, festival, community event, or other project you’d like to partner on.