by_witold_henszel-ramblerYou might have seen Kristen’s byline in a national trade magazine, your local alternative weekly, or at travel and arts commentaries online.  While she has, as of late, been focusing on events coordination, she still periodically updates, has recently begun participating in Postcrossing, and is a card-carrying member of the Letter Writers Alliance.

Kristen began freelancing in 2004 when the alternative periodical Seven Days sought her out as a theatre critic, thanks to her unique educational and experiential background. She was soon approached by the trade magazine Stage Directions as well.  In 2007, Kristen entered into travel writing with a series of reviews of Irish accommodations written during her on-foot trek along the west coast of Counties Clare and Kerry.  She later revisited her roots by becoming a contributor to the arts and culture commentary site Broad Street Review.

Arts & Culture

With a self-designed major in Character Studies – the study of character development in different forms of storytelling, with a background in psychology – from Cornell University, Kristen has a unique view of the literary, online, and performing arts.  Having worked professionally backstage, performed in a variety of venues, and, of course, served as a theatre critic, she is adept at bringing the audience into the world of the art.

Travel Writing

Kristen dove into international travel following graduation, with a six-month working holiday in Galway, Ireland.  She was soon back for a trek up Ireland’s west coast, as well as trips to Piedmont; Camargue; and Durban, South Africa.  In between transatlantic flights, Kristen has explored (and sometimes lived in) Philadelphia, Arizona, Colorado, northern California, Minneapolis, and Mount Dessert Island, Maine.

Sample Pieces:

Virtual Goodbyes (Cultural Commentary)

Pennsic’s Medieval Make-Believe (Travel Writing)

Don’t Tax My Syntax (Political Commentary)

History Lessons (Theatre Review)


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