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Kristen Eaton

Freelance Writer
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Handcrafted Stories

Kristen takes commissions for original, one-page stories inspired by your input.
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Tricks of the trade and misadventures on the quest to live resourcefully, sustainably, and creatively. 
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Techniques, news, and inspiration for storytellers of all disciplines.
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"[Kristen] write[s] with clarity and grace, and I feel certain that [her] novel will be a success." -Patrick Devaney (author of Una Bhan, Through the Gate of Ivory)

"...remarkably well written."  -Robert Morgan (author of Gap Creek, This Rock, Brave Enemies, and  Boone), of the short story If Wishes Were Horses 

"Deft use of language to create tone, mood, reveal character and place..." -Maureen McCoy (author of Junebug, Walking After Midnight, Summertime) of the short story Spare Change

Last Updated:
Nov 14, 2011


Photograph by Witold Henszel

Kristen Eaton's work has appeared in the periodicals Seven Days and Stage Directions, as well as online at the Broad Street Review and Kristen earned a degree in Character Studies (a self-designed major) at Cornell University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her thesis: a novella entitled The Kelpie. She has trained with authors Helena Viramontes, Maureen McCoy, and Robert Morgan.  Kristen has worked and traveled extensively in Ireland, Italy, Maine, and Philadelphia, and now lives in Vermont  She is the author behind Looseleaf Handcrafted Stories, and is currently seeking an agent for her first novel.

Kristen has recently completed Rosemary Gladstar's Apprentice Program in herbalism.  In her spare time, Kristen continues her studies in herbalism, storytelling, and media culture.  She practices yoga and contact juggling, and develops and maintains the websites and

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